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Welcome to the new digital library of your school! Practical, multifunctional, "smart", constantly accessible, and a revenue generator.

The digital transformation of education succeeds when it is implemented in an organised manner with a defined goal and strategy, without time pressure, with measurable results in each early phase of its implementation to create promptly the necessary positive climate of encouragement among teachers and students who will be called upon to implement it.

This is precisely the kind of climate that the use of the digital library in the Publior App contributes to! Because...

  • It facilitates students in their daily study with specific supportive, optional self-assessment and practice systems.
  • It serves teachers, who obtain automated information about their students' reading activity from the library without requiring any actions on their part.
  • It transfers your entire educational process online in minutes when the need arises.
  • It secures the educational content you have created.
  • It reduces your printing costs. Turns your photocopies interactive.
  • Saves time in the process of keeping pupils & their parents, students and trainees updated.
  • Offers top educational interactive books from international Publishing Houses, which you can purchase on an optional basis and activate in bulk on students' accounts.
  • It brings together in just one application, featuring your school's logo, an authoring tool to create your desired interactive content, an advanced LMS for assignments, and a multitude of systems for archiving your material, obtaining performance statistics, issuing certificates, and publishing your texts on the international market as self-publishing or through international Publior partner Publishing Houses.
  • Create a free teacher account now to test our system or fill in the contact form to directly get in touch with one of our partners.
  • Author exercises and enriched study sheets in your first digital Notebook.
  • Create a free student account and interconnect with your teacher. Send assignments to the student, and see the results. Give feedback.
  • Once you are confident in the utility of our system, you can proceed to purchase an Institutional Account.
  • Organise the structure of your School, Tutoring Centre, or University in levels, classes, and courses/lessons with just one click.
  • Place your interconnected students in empty desks and your teachers in selected courses/lessons.
  • Monitor the activity of your students. Draw information about their attitude, skills, and progress.
  • Focus on teaching.

Publior App is an extremely simple and cost-effective educational content platform for any public or private educational institution, regardless of the educational levels they support.

An Education Director describes how he maximizes the benefits of going digital through the Publior App.
  • The Publior App hosts a valuable online library created by our school.
  • Teachers and students can find in it a collection of digital books from various publishers, notebooks authored by our teachers, as well as our school's supplemental publications (compendia), which we previously only had in print.
  • Our books and workbooks are fully interactive. They motivate students; giving them motivation for continuous efforts through a special, age-appropriate, grade and reward system.
  • Students read, study, practice, and self-assess at home or at school. We save valuable time and money on photocopying!
  • Teachers enrich the contents with exercises and multimedia material. At the same time, they monitor the students' study and progress. They send assignments, tests, and exams. They give them feedback, differentiating their tutoring where needed in an easy, quick, and effective matter.
  • Over the course of a school year, our educational material is gathered, assessed in the classroom, and, eventually, integrated into our digital books specifically created for each lesson. In this way, our teachers can improve the existing material every year.
  • We always have access to ready-made, quality material for interactive whiteboards, simple classroom projectors, or videoconferencing. We transfer, whenever needed, in mere minutes all our educational activities online.
  • Our teachers have access to the complete history of students from previous school years. They adapt their teaching based on the recorded student profiles from the very first lesson.
  • We use the app as circumstances and needs arise. We use it supportively in the physical classroom, integrate it into our daily schedule during exam preparation periods as a core educational tool, or deactivate it by simply maintaining it as a perpetual open library.
  • As the director and general administrator of the system, I have full access to statistical data concerning the children's progress and performance. I manage the notice board, monitor the work of Curriculum Coordinators, and create and edit classes and courses. I allocate teachers, pupils, purchased books, our own publications, and Teachers' Notebooks to them.
  • We have for the first time, as a whole educational structure or as individual teachers, the possibility to publish on the international market the curriculum we have created, improved and adapted according to the experience and deep knowledge of the subject we have collectively acquired after many years of teaching, revisions, and applications. We are gaining recognition, and getting to know new, distinguished partners in Greece and abroad.
  • Besides, our students are now located "everywhere" and Publior App allows and supports us in digitally reaching out to them. We are geographically expanding our student audience!

Frequently asked questions on the creation of an educational institution account

How do I create an Institution subscription account?

Educational Institutions wishing to create their own interactive content to showcase or assign to their connected learners choose the 12-month Premium  In  account:

Download the PC or MAC version. Register as an educational institution and then select the number of teacher seats and student desks you wish to have.

  • Add student desks to send assignments from your own resources, share educational material with teachers and create assignments with combined content from the publishing market and your own educational content.
  • Add teacher positions. One Coordinator (Director of Studies) position is added for every 5 teacher positions.
  • The Foundation's Manager has access to a special service for general control of educational activity and progress.
  • The storage space for your notebooks is proportional to the number of student positions you select. 400 MB per student seat is available for 12 consecutive months of use.
  • All the benefits of the free students and teachers accounts apply. Additional admin features are offered on the institution account.
How much does a subscription account cost?

Minimum purchase of seats: at least 25 student seats x €36 per seat per year and at least 5 teacher seats x €60 per seat per year. If you need more than 3000 student seats or 100 teacher seats, you will need to inform us 10 working days in advance. All prices include VAT. Please check for any applicable discount schemes.
Please login to your account for the authoring tool and organisation management from desktop devices (PC, MAC) only.

What happens to the content we've created in the Publior App if we don't renew our subscription account next year?

In case you do not wish to renew your Premium In for another year, it will be automatically transferred to the status of a free ordinary teacher account. All of your content will be deleted because it requires storage space for which you did not renew.

Our programs are addressed to all Educational Institutions and structures (Secondary and Foreign Language Schools, Schools, Colleges, Lifelong Learning Centres, Universities, etc.) regardless of the number of students they have. Special offers apply, including the free transformation of your content in interactive eBooks by the Publior team. Your library can be up and running with your own educational material within 48 hours. Special discount schemes start at 12 euros per student desk per year.

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