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Welcome to your corporate e-learning library. Efficient, practical, "smart" and "cost-saving"! With Publior App, you achieve...

Resources saving: instant information for employees through interactive training brochures in real-time.

Safety procedures: fast and efficient training of employees in compliance with rules, safety procedures, and self-protection.

Improved efficiency: access to a dedicated evaluation system for continuous feedback to executives with supporting content for retraining and skills upgrading.

Faster sales, higher quality service provision: regular network updates with new, live guidance booklets for products and questionnaires to have an overview of sales experience and customer satisfaction. Now, you can quickly redesign your strategy and reposition your company.

In an ever-changing economy, companies that invest in the training of their managers adapt quickly to changes in their industry and remain competitive.

  • Get a digital library of your company's training content with your logo, accessible from any device.
  • Optionally supplement your library with digital books from the publishing market and give access to your executives, employees, or even your customers.
  • Create interactive training booklets, notebooks, manuals, special assessment tests, questionnaires, and competitions.
  • Save time in training your executives. Easily and quickly create your training content or ask Publior to create for you, quickly and economically, digital books, simulations, interactive exercises, audio and video files.

The Publior App is an excellent and cost-effective tool for continuous training and keeping our staff up to date.

An entrepreneur describes the use of the platform in his company.
  • The Publior App is, for us, an essential tool for the creation and organisation of educational content for our executives.
  • In the App’s online library, we collect digital books from publishing houses that are of interest to us, as well as ones authored by our lecturers and training partners specifically for our executives and employees.
  • Our books are fully interactive, contain exercises with automatic evaluation-correction systems for wrong answers and cover our various training needs, ranging from learning foreign languages and terminology to specialised corporate management, technology, and marketing topics.
  • Our trainers enrich the contents with new exercises and multimedia material.
  • Our trainees read, study, self-assess, and are evaluated via the platform.
  • When instructors inter-connect with our trainee executives, they monitor their study and progress, send them assignments, questionnaires, and quizzes, and provide feedback, quickly and efficiently personalising each training process.
  • With the Publior App, we also publish interactive product manuals that educate buyer-customers on the proper use of our products.
  • Our internal training and information processes have been simplified. We save resources and optimise our operations at the same time, gaining a lasting advantage of flexible adaptation to the changing market.
  • Our human resources dept. know better how to prioritise tasks and responsibilities. It manages the introduction of new technologies and processes with great flexibility, quickly understands, and successfully copes with unforeseen circumstances and new procedures.
  • One of the most important benefits of the creation of the corporate digital library is the positive response of our executives. Every employee appreciates the company's investment in their professional advancement and lifelong learning. It creates a climate of teamwork, closer relationships, and better development prospects for everyone.
Our programs are designed for every type of company regardless of size. Working with instructors or trainers is not mandatory. The contents can be created by your company with optional support from Publior. Programmes start from 12 euros per employee per year.
What is the most cost-effective way to get the most out of the Publior platform?

This depends on your needs and aims. Here are some examples:

1. FREE: You can register as a teacher for free and write some interactive content that you can assign to a student (also with a free account). You can freely show the contents (not assign them) to as many students as you wish, via an interactive whiteboard, projector or during a videoconference using skype, zoom, etc.

2. FREE: Your students who have purchased digital books from the publishing market can connect with you and receive assignments from their book materials. Some publishers give teachers free access to their books when they are connected to students who have already purchased their books.

3. FREE Make a special author request here and proceed to self-publish a Textbook. Following a special arrangement with Publior, sales codes are issued for your notebook, the proceeds of which can be used to fund full use of the platform for a specific number of students.

4. FREE: Have you created content with a free account or do you have a free book from a publisher? You can freely present the contents during a conference call or in the classroom.

5. 180 euros per year: Upgrade your free account to a paid teacher account with 5 student places. You create content (2 GB) and send your own exercises and content to the five connected students. While your subscription account is valid and you have created valuable content, request from Publior activation codes for your published material in notebook format, at a cost of 6 euros per code and the possibility to freely resale them. If 50 codes are generated, then you can take a 12-month FREE course with this notebook to the 50 STUDENTS who have activated it.

6. 900 euros per year: If you are interested in creating a basic, annual account (10 GB storage space) for an educational institution with at least 25 student and 5 teacher seats, click here.

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