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What is it?

The  Publior App is a digital library of "smart" interactive books that incorporates an advanced self-assessment and history storage system that makes it easier for students to integrate instructional material faster. Educational books  of various publishing houses are published in the Publior App . Each book contains multimedia material. Readers solve exercises, see the history of their efforts, immediately identify their mistakes, get feedback and improve. With each book purchase the student can optionally interface with a teacher. (Collaborating publishers usually provide their books to teachers for free or at a very low cost, as long as they have in their account a minimum number of online  students  who have purchased the same books).

What key innovations does it include?

  • Virtual keyboard with choice of languages ​​for teaching foreign languages, special keyboard for mathematics and ancient Greek without installation required.
  • Automatic correction of tasks and exercises, such as error detection and projection of correct spelling in a spelling dictation exercise.
  • Execution of grammatical analysis exercises with multiple questions (eg select + complete) and automatic detection of incorrect answers.
  • Writing tool for interactive exercises and notebooks for teachers who wish to teach with their own material.
  • Possibility of publishing in the international market the notebooks written by teachers (self-published). A similar procedure is followed through PAC codes for the publication of ISBN publisher books.
  • Free purchase of books (with interactive exercises for self-evaluation and assignments) by all publishing houses in one application.

How is it used ?

The application can be installed in almost all devices. Students create a free account on the Publior App and then purchase books from their partner publishers, which they activate in their personal digital library. Then they take advantage of the interactivity of the books. They read, perform exercises, immediately identify their mistakes and weaknesses. This way of studying is suitable for any level and learning environment. It strengthens the teaching in the private lessons, mobilizes the students in the context of the daily school obligations and helps the teacher in the automation of the feedback. Schools, Tuition Centers, Educational Institutions and private companies that use the Publior App collect, in a library that bears their logo, purchased quality books or create their own educational material. Pupils, students, business executives gain constant access to content that helps them memorize and understand the material taught. This is Publior's important contribution to educational digitalism. It Offers "intelligent" books that perceive, through interaction and personal performance, the level of each student.

The Publior App does not record personal information, other than a contact email in case the user account password needs to be retrieved. Students can use a nickname as a username and use their teacher or school's email to retrieve their password. The student-teacher communication is done exclusively with an internal messaging system. No user needs to know another user's real email. All data is anonymized and encrypted. Publior App has no ads and does not share anonymous or other data with third parties. For the above reasons, users can not log in to the application through your social network accounts (SSO single sign on).

Who uses it?

Students and learners  who buy and study interactive books, solve exercises, learn vocabulary, watch instructional videos, perform simulations, do repetitions by studying with specialized worksheets, view their performance history and wish to improve.
Teachers of  every direction and level for the writing and organization of their teaching notes in order to be displayed in the classroom or their distribution in the context of distance learning, sending electronic assignments and competitions with automated control and evaluation.
Schools, tuition centers, Schools and educational institutions wishing to use a simple and practical Content Management and Learning System (LCMS) with built-in tools for writing and distributing their textbooks, replacing with a single subscription any hard-to-use or expensive writing tools and LMS environments.
Publishers  who want to create new digital, interactive or audio books, digitize older print editions and monitor in real time the sales of their books, which teachers and students buy and activate on the Publior App platform.
Businesses  that need a direct, fast, economical and effective system of digital training, certification or simple information of executives, employees and customers.
Government Services and Organizations  that publish interactive manuals with which they inform or educate their interested public on issues such as Civil Protection, the Road Traffic Code, etc.
Associations  for the creation of new interactive books and the digitization of existing publications that are distributed free of charge or sold to members and their general public.
Libraries who want to organize a digital interactive book lending department, as well as to create local newspapers and magazines with the help of their members or citizens, to republish old rare local books, to compile event albums, to write new, interactive local tourist guides and at the same time issue for them free or chargeable 15-day or 20-day borrowing codes.
Parents  who want to support their children in the educational process by creating their own personalized digital content, according to the needs of each child or buying for the same purpose interactive worksheets for self-evaluation by a large group of reputable teachers, authors and publishers.

Are you looking for interactive material for a specific topic or level? Do you have any ideas that will help students in their study? We look forward to hearing from you! Contact the Pubior team today. Send us a message by clicking here .

Create a free account as a student or teacher today. You will need an activation code for a book or notebook. Search the market for books with the Publior logo. Ask your publisher for a 12-month PAC code (Publior Activation Code) for any printed book you have purchased.

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