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We are an international team of designers, program developers, and educators across all educational sectors. We design, author, develop, reproduce and localize educational software for multiple European countries.

Publior App was born in 2015 in London out of a need for publishers to create a common, open platform for the creation, distribution, and use of digital educational books. The complexities of the transition to the digital world, the proliferation of devices, and the costly process of turning print contents interactive led to the pursuit of this new prototype, "intelligent" book that would have low production costs, multiply the dynamics of student learning, while at the same time support the teacher organisationally with quality content, smart archiving and a user-friendly assignment system with quantitative and qualitative performance tracking.

Everyone on the Publior team loves computers, video games, and books. In the intervening years, we worked diligently to implement the first version. Today we have created for our children the educational books we could never imagine having!

We are mainly addressing publishing companies. We believe that having better books is the shortest way to the improvement of education. That's why we support any hybrid - print and digital - publishing effort. We analyze every need. We design taking into account different learning contexts, screen sizes, copyright protection, the limited familiarity of many teachers with digital tools, the academic field and subject matter, the reading specificities of each age, the level and social background of the readers, etc.

We are creating the digital educational tools that everyone should have, students and teachers alike. We collaborate with visionary teachers. We develop the Publior App together.

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