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Welcome to the global market for interactive educational books. Create ebooks (epub, pdf, html) with interactive content and exercises.

Writing, publishing, and selling digital textbooks has never been so simple. Publish your first digital title today on the Publior platform or make preexisting print books interactive. When you are finished, contact us and we will send you activation codes that allow you to sell your book on the international market.  Teachers and students who purchase your textbooks activate them in the free Publior App and have access to them for up to twelve months, depending on your chosen publishing plan.

  • Turn your notes interactive, quickly, and easily.
  • Create impressive worksheets.
  • Add smart self-assessment features for more productive study.
  • Add value to your printed material.
  • Cooperate with international publishing houses.
  • Participate in the enhancement of education.
  • Do you need a cost-effective tool to digitise your printed material?
  • Are you looking for a way to easily correct and annotate the work of your students?
  • Do you consider students' self-assessments to be an important and integral part of the educational process?
  • Are you a teacher of foreign languages who has authored quality material that could be sold all over the world?
  • Are you a science teacher with content ideas that would improve the curriculum?
  • Are you interested in producing and distributing "smart" university textbooks with a simple, user-friendly marketing and sales system?
Download the app and create a free teacher account. Create some sample content and contact us to explore the possibility of collaboration. The educational content authored and distributed through Publior covers a wide spectrum including school, university, corporate, media, and product education.

Here are the basic terms of cooperation. Contact us by filling in the form below.

Information about self-publishing digital workbooks and textbooks

How Publior converts your content into interactive material (Enrichment of a doc, pdf, or epub file).

As an educator with many years of experience, you have obviously created your own educational material. You probably use photocopies, emails, printed self-published materials, free online exercises, and questionnaires. The Publior App allows you to transform this material into "smart" educational content. A simple user with a teacher account can create 30 to 40 interactive exercises in a day and immediately start assigning them to students using the free LMS. Students answer questions, study, and self-assess using the answer evaluation checker. 

If your material is of interest to the international market, Publior can take on the task of making the material interactive and put you in touch with partner international publishers. Because the best way to evaluate Publior is to use it, we suggest you create a free teacher account and explore the authoring tool. Create some content and if you are interested contact us to talk about a possible collaboration.

Method of selling your digital material (in the form of an e-workbook or e-textbook) via PAC codes in the free Publior App:

Via alphanumeric activation codes for a predefined period of access to the Publior App (PAC: Publior Activation Codes). The code purchaser downloads the free Publior App and activates the book for as long as the purchased code allows.

File type:

Ηtml (not suitable for contents that need to have a fixed layout).
Epub (not suitable for contents that must have a fixed layout) upon request.
Pdf (suitable for contents that must have a fixed layout) upon request.

Should an ISBN be issued:

Not required.

Duration of reader access to the Notebook:

1, 2, 3, 6, or 12 months at the author's option.

Time frame for activation of the notebook by the reader:

The time starts from the moment the codes are issued and delivered to the author of the book. In other words, a countdown applies, proportional to the reader access time chosen by the author, with an additional 15 days for the distribution of the codes. This means, for example, that if fifty 12-month codes are delivered to the author on 1 January 2020, then a code activated by a user on the same day (1 January 2020) will allow access to the user's book until 15 January 2021. If the code is activated on 1 March 2020, then the code will again allow access to the user's book until 15 January 2021. The cut-off date does not change. Note: Countdown does not apply to publisher book codes.

Cost per published code for the author:

The author chooses the duration of the buyer's access to the book. The cost for the author varies according to the range of the time period:

3 euros (user access for 1 month), 3.5 euros ( for 2 months), 4 euros (for 3 months), 5 euros ( for 6 months), 6 euros (for 12 months). Prices include VAT.

Special discounted cooperation schemes apply for content that is of interest to Publior or for material that could be addressed to the international market through the partner publishers. Please use the contact form to give us as accurate a description as possible of your educational content.

Minimum number of Publior Activation Codes (PAC) we can generate for you:


Retail price:

Defined by the author.

Code sales method:

Defined by the author: free or targeted distribution by any means available to the author.

If any of the above criteria do not meet your needs, we recommend working with a publishing house instead. Digital versions of books published by publishing houses do not have strict time limits on the length of sale and have a lower cost per PAC code. Only users with a subscription account have the right to self-publish Notebooks. Teacher-authors without a subscription account submit a special request to have the subject matter, quality, and marketability of their content evaluated. The contents can be broad in topic and at any grade level, from readings for preschool education to smart assessment tests for medical science studies.

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