Welcome to the global market for interactive educational books. Create ebooks (epub, pdf, html) with interactive content and exercises.

Writing, publishing, and selling digital educational books has never been so simple. Publish your first digital title today on the Publior platform or convert your print books into interactive textbooks.

  • Do you publish printed educational books with cdrom and dvd inserts? Do you want to save on production, technical support and user training costs?
  • Are you looking for ways to respond to new market conditions? Are teachers asking you for eLearning and LMS compatible content?
  • Do you outsource the digitisation and creation of interactive books at a rate of just one book per month for a single device?
  • Do you need a comprehensive solution for creating, publishing and selling digital books that relies solely on your own employees and executives?
  • Do you consider student self assessment to be an important and integral part of the educational process?
  • Would it be helpfull if your authors could easily communicate with teachers and students about the content of your books?
  • Do you need an easy way to manage the copyright of the photos used in your books?
  • Do you have educational content that could be promoted on the international market for which you would like to have full sales control?
  • Create new markets and increase your sales.
  • Expand your customer base.
  • Add value to your printed books.
  • Cooperate with international publishing houses.
  • Localize best-selling publications in your country.
  • Participate in the enhancement of education.

How to a create a smart book in Publior Author

4 stages of production: Conversion, writing, publishing, and selling.
  • Author new digital books or convert printed books into interactive format using a special PC and MAC app called Publior Author.
  • Easily convert pdf and epub files into enriched digital books. Use a special visual tool to place various media icons for interactive exercises, videos, sounds, and 2D/3D simulations on the pages of the converted pdf.
  • Save time. Authors and editors can work simultaneously on the same book.
  • Once the authoring is complete, publish your interactive books on the Publior App (for PC, MAC, smartphones, tablets) for just one euro per book. (Minimum number of guaranteed annual sales applies)
  • Simplify your customer support services. The use of the Pubior App by students and teachers is widespread and, of course, free of charge for anyone who has purchased books. No special training is needed to open and study books. Students have one digital library containing all their books. No different apps per publisher.
  • Save on cdrom production for audio files, e.g. for foreign language dialogues. Integrate videos and simulations without needing a dvd insert.
  • Optionally provide your books free of charge to teachers when connected students have already bought the same book.
  • Publish and sell your digital books via alphanumeric activation codes which provide up to 12-month access. Track sales in real time.
  • Translate and distribute your books worldwide having full control of the distribution (start-stop), retail prices, and electronic invoicing processes.
  • Freely choose the retail selling channels for the activation codes: a) in a corporate or partner e-shop, via b) scratch cards in retail stores, c) email to categories of customers for free access, d) library loan (production of codes for 15-day or 20-day access), e) in a hybrid book (printed book with printed code on an inner page) or f) via mass activations to closed, special groups of readers (members of associations, scientific societies, etc.).
  • Carry out mass sales activations in schools and universities and issue just one invoice.
  • Deliver to schools offline versions of your books with the possibility of automated installation throughout the school network (MSI desktop publishing).
  • Give your customers transferable activation codes. In other words, the person that buys the PAC code can give it to someone else and that person can activate it.
  • Give your customers the ability to extend their activation time. For example, if someone buys a book for 12 months he can extend that purchase for an additional period of time, if necessary.
  • Analyze usage and sales data of your digital books by title, chronology, or other criteria. Using this data you can decide on new supplementary or revised editions.
  • Manage the images in your books with a user-friendly copyright registration and processing system.
  • Receive full authoring and coordination support throughout the production process from the Publior team.
  • Create new markets for your books.

Frequently asked questions

How do I publish a digital book on Publior?
  • Fill out the contact form below.
  • We give you access to Publior Author, an online software for publishers.
  • Upload the pdf file of your book. This is the same file used for the printed version of your book.
  • Add interactive exercises and content onto the pages of the book. Easily create 30 to 40 exercises in 8 hours. The training is short and no special prior knowledge is required.
  • After you have finished adding the interactive material, contact us to publish the book and we will give you the required number of sale codes.
  • If you don't have a pdf, photograph or scan the book and convert it into a pdf. You then follow the same process.
File types that can be converted to digital books:

Pdf, epub.

Sales via PAC:

We give you alphanumeric book activation codes that are good for up to 12-month of access to the Publior App (Publior Activation Codes). You can then distribute them through your sale channels according to your needs.

Where does the buyer-reader enter the PAC codes to activate your books?

After the student or teacher purchases a code they will need to download the Publior App on their device and create a free account. They then enter the PAC code in a special cart field on the shelf titled BOOKSTORE. Instantly the book will appear on the first shelf titled MY BOOKS.

How long can the reader have access to the book?

From 15 days to 12 months depending on your publishing plan.

Timespan between the issuance of PAC codes to the publisher and their activation by the reader:

The time starts from the moment the activation codes (PAC codes) are issued by Publior and delivered to the publisher. In general, a waiting period of up to three years applies, provided that the annual cooperation contract is renewed. For longer periods, a special analysis and agreement are required.

Minimum number of PAC codes produced per book:


Cost of a 12-month PAC code for the publishing house:

From 1 to 3 Euros.

Table of costs based on guaranteed sales for a book title before VAT, in EUR.

Number of PAC codes per bookCost per codeTotal cost (in EUR)
400 3 1200
1500 2 3000
6000 1 6000

For example, if the second programme is chosen by the publisher, each code for the book would cost EUR 2. The publisher will advance Publior EUR 3000, which covers up to 1500 activations within the timespan of a year. If a total of 2100 codes are activated during the same year, the publisher will pay an additional EUR 1200, i.e. EUR 2 x 600 codes (2100 minus 1500). Unactivated codes paid under guaranteed sales will not be carried over to the following year. Settlement is made at the end of the year based on activations. This means that the publishing house may issue a greater number of codes than the guaranteed sales. It will only be charged if they are activated in the agreed period. Activations are tracked live via Publior Author, where special data export software is provided for interfacing with commercial programmes.

Special discounts apply for a total of 10 books or more.

Retail price:

Defined by the publisher.

Code sales method:

Defined by the publisher.

Does Publior include a free authoring tool for the creation of books?

Yes, you get 5 seats in Pubior Author. More places are available upon request.

Is there a possibility of revised publication after the first year?

Yes, provided that the material continues to be hosted by a third-party server after the free authoring period has ended. The cost of hosting material is not compulsory. It is calculated based on the size of the files. The cost starts from 600 euros per year for hosting 10 books. (5 GB)

Is there a possibility of integrating several titles in one digital code (activation of two or more books per code)?

Yes, when there is e.g. a separate student book and exercise book, then both books are activated simultaneously with the same code. There are publications where a single code activates simultaneous access to a total of five different books: student book, teacher book, teacher guide, lab guide, and teaching cards. Additional books (up to three) activated as a single book title are not charged separately.

Is it possible to create an activation code that activates a digital library containing dozens or hundreds of books?

Yes, a unique code can provide total access to an online library (PLAC - Publior Library Activation Code). The cost of library codes (PLAC) depends on the number and size of the books, as well as on whether the individual books are simultaneously released as stand-alone publications. The cost of PLACs starts at EUR 3 for up to 50 books, and the minimum guaranteed sales quantity is 2000 codes.

Can i publish books for offline use?

Yes, once you have completed authoring and adding interactive elements to your book, we check the contents at your request and create, for an additional one-time fee, a desktop version that you can distribute either via CD or download link with or without an activation code. Offline versions have no LMS and can be installed freely, or on a predefined number of PCs. For example, 1000 codes may be issued for an offline book, where each code allows installation on not just one but five PCs. To activate the offline code, an internet connection will be required -just once- during the activation procedure. Special MSI versions of your offline books are available for automatic installation on school networks.

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