Check validity of book activation code

Are you trying to activate a book in your account and the system prompts you to contact your administrator or publisher? Follow these 2 steps to see if your password is valid:

1. Login to the app below with your Publior App account details.

2. Enter your book code, without spaces, including hyphens.

The system will check if the password is (or was) activated on another account. Contact your book publisher if the code is no longer valid or is not recognized by the system.

Possible reasons for the code not being activated:

a) You are trying to activate a student book on a teacher's account, when this is generally not allowed by partner publishers. b) You enter the code incorrectly or do not write the hyphens or leave spaces. c) You have activated the same book on another, also belonging to you, account. d) The book you are trying to activate is not available in the national market you registered for when you created your account.

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